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SPDIF plugin for foobar2000 v1.1+


SPDIF plugin v1.4
SPDIF plugin v1.3
SPDIF plugin v1.2
SPDIF plugin v1.1
SPDIF plugin v1.0


v1.4 (2011-05-21):
- support for foobar v1.1+

- improved playback stability of some streams

- added fake visualization option...
Because of special way the spdif plugin works it generates fake stream to deceive the foobar.
It is just a silent track so you can neither hear nor see it, however
with this option enabled the plugin generates fake stream that you can see
but can not hear either because spdif real stream covers it.
If you have installed skip silence plugin it probably causes spdif plugin to work incorrectly.
In such case enabling this option might help, otherwise do what you like.
By default it is disabled.
- little reworked

- now you can choose between WaveOut and DirectSound Output...
the default is new WaveOut since it seems to be more reliable and compatible...
you can switch back to former DirectSound in the preferences page...

v1.0 (stable enough):
- fixed problem with file access - now all file i/o are done through the foobar api

- spdif sampling rates fixed again
- changed bitrate calculation algorithm for dts
- file format detection code rewriten and optimized
- minor bug fixes
- dropped the idea of stream changing - too complex to handle all cases
- dropped support for mpeg audio since the main idea is to pass-through multi-channel audio

- fixed horrible bug preventing even a try at opening spdif for sample rates different than 48kHz
- optimized playback startup delay when forcing 48kHz
- added tag in codec name for files forced to 48kHz
- added support for mpeg audio (for test purposes, works with ".spdif" extension only)
- added support for stream type change, eg if there are dts and ac3 streams following each other in one file

first release