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SPDIFER plugin for foobar2000 v1.1+

The new spdifer plugin is typical input component for foobar which transforms raw
ac3 or dts stream into spdif stream and forwards this stream as uncompressed audio data
directly to the sound card.
This means that it may work only when certain conditions are met, that is:
1. foobar doesn't alter this stream in any way.
2. foobar has bitperfect output which transfer audio data to the audio device without any alteration.

To get ac3/dts over spdif in foobar on windows 7 do the following:

1. Remove old foo_spdif.dll and replace it by foo_spdifer.dll
2. Install WASAPI output component and set foobar's output to it.
3. Remove (disable) all components that could alter in any way the audio stream from spdifer plugin.
This includes all of dsp plugins but to be shure, remove all components except input and output ones.
4. Set the volume level of foobar to 100%.
5. Set Output data format of WASAPI output to 16-bit (other formats may work too - try yourself)


If you experience problems with seeking to the end of the file with WASAPI output
try to decrease buffer length to 500ms or below.


SPDIFER plugin v1.0


v1.0 (2011-05-21):
- new spdifer plugin for windows 7 based on spdif plugin v1.3
- support for foobar v1.1+